Welcome to Rankd, your one-stop music toolkit for analytics, discovery, growth and management.

We aim to highlight undiscovered talent while offering a space for music professionals to oversee performance. Rankd is introducing a refreshed and improved approach to how artists work with managers, labels, promoters, venues and other third parties.

Rankd is home to a growing number of resources to enrich artist experience, allowing music professionals to make sense of data in a way that is personalised, localised and actionable.

At Rankd, we want to highlight data in a way that adds value to the artist, empowering and facilitating their growth.

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Through the collection and analysis of key artist metrics across social and streaming platforms, music professionals can oversee performance and unpack insights and recommendations in a way that is tailored and valuable. No two artists are the same, so through personalisable tools and resources, Rankd can be tailored to suit YOU.

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With our data-tracking capabilities, Rankd is an easy-to-navigate hub for the key metrics that matter most to you. From social to streaming, you can unpack your performance across leading platforms, using historical data to understand artist growth and development over time. Not only does Rankd combine your numbers, but we help you find their value to make more informed decisions and keep growing!
Artists are able to position themselves directly in-front of leading industry figures through using Rankd as a space to showcase and store their key information. By featuring upcoming talent, Rankd can help artists break-through and gain visibility in a rapidly growing industry.
Rankd can identify trends and patterns in your data, offering insights and predictions into future growth. Through using AI to share advice and guidance into how you can achieve your targets, your forecasts will follow your lead and help you optimise your chances of success.
Whether you’re a curious artist, or a label looking to compare your artist roster, Rankd’s streamlined database can help you take a step back and see how an artist is performing within your local community and beyond. Identify strengths and weaknesses in their data, and use it to inform and inspire your own approaches.
Artist Electronic Press Kits (EPKs) are integral to your artist identity, containing important assets to inform labels, promotors, managers and other third parties about what you’re made of. Yet, many artists don’t have one. With Rankd’s EPK building capabilities, artists are able to construct their EPKs and ensure no stone is left unturned, making them accessible to industry professionals without all the back-and-forth or expensive website set-up.

Rankd is actively positioned within the music industry, constantly identifying new and innovative ways to streamline the way artists work with industry professionals. This journey isn’t a simple line, so our toolkit will continue to expand and diversify as we continue to work with artists, venues, promotors, labels and other leading figures to understand where improvements can be made.

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