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What counts as a stream on popular streaming platforms?

Kristian Floate


Discover what counts as a stream on popular music platforms. Learn about the 30-second rule and its impact on artists' success.

Do it the DIY way - the 'releasing' stage

Kristian Floate


It's vital to consider how you'll approach the releasing process to ensure YOU and your fans can get the most out of the music.

A&R Representative Interview

Kristian Floate


We recently sat down with an A&R rep to discuss the music industry and how they select artists.

Bones Ate Arfa - Asbestos Release

Kristian Floate


An interview with Brighton musician Bones Ate Arfa about their latest release Asbestos.

How to succeed as an independent musician

Benjamin Davis


It takes hard work, dedication, and a strong understanding of the industry to succeed as an independent musician.

Do it the DIY way – Social Media

Kristian Floate


With more free platforms to distribute your tracks, connect to musicians worldwide and gain a level of visibility that would never have been possible in the pre-¯digital age.

Do it the DIY way – The "making" stage

Kristian Floate


Establishing a name for yourself as an artist is an ongoing process that requires painful amounts of work, and while social media is a great place to begin.

How we built our 'What Musician Are You?' Instagram filter

Benjamin Davis


Discover how we used tools like Rankd API and Robolly to build an Instagram filter featuring images of over 150 local musicians. In this article, learn about the interesting process of creating a successful filter and the benefits of using them.

We asked ChatGPT what it thought about the Brighton music scene.

Benjamin Davis


ChatGPT is a powerful text generation program that is gaining a lot of popularity at the moment. I wanted to get its thoughts on the music industry in Brighton.

Thoughts on local venues, bands and merchandise

Tony Davis


The Covid-19 pandemic left the live music industry in an unsure state, particularly those smaller venues such as pubs and clubs which are the life blood of local bands.

Music Marketing Campaigns, 5 examples from the last 20 years

Benjamin Davis


With so many new musicians each day there is more need than ever to build a brand and a marketing campaign that will get your name and your music out there to the masses.

10 Most Popular Bands From Brighton

Benjamin Davis


Who are the most Instagram followed Bands from Brighton? Find out here.

What is Rankd?


Rankd is an analytics tool for musicians. We help musicians get a greater insight into their social and streaming data.

Top 5 Retailers in the UK for Music Gear

Kristian Floate


There are thousands of online platforms selling music, equipment and subscriptions, but there are only a few have that stand out from the competition.

Rehearsal Rooms In Brighton

Kristian Floate


With so many rehearsal studios available in Brighton, it can become a challenge to identify the best. This guide runs through our favourites.

Who Are The Most Searched For Brighton Musicians?

Benjamin Davis


Whether you're a musician or a fan, these sites are a great place to find like-minded individuals and keep up to date with the latest music news.

4 Best Social Communities For Musicians

Benjamin Davis


Whether you're an aspiring musician or just a passionate fan, these sites are a great place to find like-minded individuals and keep up to date with all the latest music news.

Why Advertise On Rankd

Benjamin Davis


Place your brand in front of hundreds of Brighton musicians and music lovers with an advert on Rankd.