Best Rehearsal Rooms In Brighton

Written by Kristian Floate

Rehearsal rooms are vital for a musician to have a dedicated space to work on their musical ventures, fully equipped with the tools to fully immerse themselves in their own creative mindset - something that can be easily broken when rehearsing at home. With many rehearsal studios available in Brighton, each tailoring to a wide variety of artists, it can become a challenge to identify a space with the best value for money, and a space that allows a musician to unleash their full potential. Arguably, as long as a space is soundproofed, undisrupted, fully equipped and relatively inexpensive, the rehearsal room fills most of the needs of the average artist, but which spaces offer greater flexibility? Which spaces also combine artist development, recording, mixing and live music opportunities to form a creative musical hub in the heart of the city? Let’s briefly unpack what Brighton has to offer…

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While I’ve personally had experience using a handful of studios in the city, Brighton Electric remains a personal favourite - with a bountiful selection of studios boasting everything a band needs for a successful rehearsal session, supplying drum breakables, pedals, XLR leads and microphones and the front counter before being directed towards your room, which are all air-conditioned and have enough room to house a 40-man brass band (well, almost). Unsure about which room to book? Brighton Electric uses a Skedda booking system, which accurately maps out the facilities and their availability, allowing you to make the selection that suits the requirements of your band the most. An honourable mention is ‘Studio 45’, a fully equipped live performance space with a maximum capacity of 150 - so whether you’re looking to rehearse in a realistic setting or showcase your newest song to an audience, studio 45 is perfect (and affordable).

South Lanes Studios resides in the basement of Kraftworks on Middle Street, boasting sleek and modern facilities that suit the requirements for impressive photos and videos! They are ‘proud to be Brighton's First Female Co-founded Studio as well as run all of their electricity from Solar Power’, and with enough equipment to open a music store, South Lanes Studios is a force to be reckoned with! They also have discounted concession rates for students, NHS workers and charities, the studio is an inexpensive solution to an artist’s cry for help, offering pre-production, production, mastering, artist development and more - all under one roof! Nurturing your creative ideas from a thought to a fully mastered LP, South Lanes is a creative hub for those looking to place themselves in Brighton’s music scene and beyond firmly.

While Brighton holds a greater number of spaces than those outlined here, it’s needless to say that Brighton boasts every facility needed to jump into the industry and build connections with like-minded people. Brighton is also filled with the most diverse array of music fans, ready to listen to artists like YOU! Once you’ve rehearsed and released your latest single, why don’t you apply to The Great Escape? - a ‘festival for new music, showcasing 500 emerging artists from all over the world in 30+ walkable venues across the city and a pop-up festival site on Brighton Beach’. Check it out here!