Top 5 Retailers in the UK for Music Gear

Written by Kristian Floate

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The digital music market is a hyper-competitive space, with an abundance of sellers vying for the attention of customers. There are thousands of online platforms selling music, equipment and subscriptions, but only a few have managed to stand out from the competition. The best online music retailers provide customers with a seamless user experience and excellent product catalogs, with trustworthy reviews and acknowledgement for used equipment and how this can accelerate the career of a new artist - especially those who have insufficient funds for the best the industry has to offer! While some suggestions have bricks-and-mortar physical stores, they also boast online catalogs with nationwide UK delivery!

  1. Auction Sites - eBay, Facebook Marketplace & Amazon Although these sites have their downfalls, and lack credible sellers and reviews, auction sites are home to many hidden gems and bargains. Whether that be a second hand guitar for a fraction of the price, or a rare piece of analog studio equipment, these sites are a car boot sale in the music retailer marketplace!
  2. Andertons Music Co Andertons is a well established name in the market, but their YouTube success is worth a mention! Holding over 790k+ subscribers, the company upload reviews, playthroughs and advice to musicians who may be skeptical about their next purchase - check it out here!
  3. Gear4music Gear4Music offer an abundance of starter equipment under their own brand - so this site is worth a browse if you’re a beginner looking to learn!
  4. GAK Residing in Brighton, GAK is an iconic name with an equally iconic store! With electronic, drum, guitar, piano, bass and second hand departments, the store is perfect for a hands-on approach to finding your next purchase. GAK’s product catalog has been translated online, so if you are located away from Brighton, you can still benefit from GAK's vast selection of products!
  5. PMT Online With stores in Portsmouth, Romford, London and Manchester - PMT also houses its products online. Describing themselves as ‘one of the most established brands in musical instruments & music equipment retail’, PMT has firmly positioned itself as the UK's finest supplier of guitars, drums, synths, keyboards and live sound equipment.
  6. And a special mention…
  7. Independent retailers on the high street! Traditional high street retailers are still very relevant in today’s modern digital world. Many music-related products are available for purchase at high street retailers, offering musical instruments, DJ equipment, studio equipment and more! While these products are primarily available offline, some retailers have launched online stores as highlighted above with GAK, PMT and Andertons. If you can’t find what you are looking for at your local store, you can try searching for these products online, but physical stores allow customers to try before you buy, immersing you in the shopping experience and ensuring you make the right choice!