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Introducing Rankd, an artists analytics tool aiming to make the rich musical culture of various UK towns and cities more accessible for everyone. Through compiling data that musicians find most valuable, whether it be Instagram followers, Spotify followers or our own ‘Rankd score’, artists can see how they are performing alongside other musicians on their doorstep - an important tool in such an increasingly competitive industry. We also act as a music discovery platform users can find local bands in a way that previously was quite challenging to do.

While Rankd is a ‘data hub’ for musicians to easily access the information that matters most, it also keeps fans, promoters and other key industry figures in the loop! A promoter can oversee the hottest acts in a particular area, and make sure they’re putting on a performance that will cause the biggest buzz, while fans can gain an insight into the ‘behind the scenes’ of their favorite artist(s). With future plans to partner with artist developers, labels and promoters, Rankd can be curated to accommodate different companies, so they can see where their clients stand.

There isn’t a criteria or ‘rulebook’ to joining the Rankd community, any artist with an Instagram can be featured – joining an existing community of hundreds of musicians. Through joining Rankd Pro for an affordable monthly subscription, you can access an even greater data set - helping you accelerate your career as a musician and notice any weaknesses in your approach. Want to get involved but you’re not a musician? Sure! We are unrolling services for venues, businesses, fans and more, so stay tuned for exciting announcements about how you can join the Rankd community. Keep an eye on our changelog to stay up to date on Rankd updates.

Through building Rankd into the go-to analytics tool for artists, we aim to remove the struggle in uncovering the musical legacy of your hometown. Starting in Brighton, one of the UK’s most creative cities, we plan to extend our mission to neighboring locations, uncovering the hidden talents that would otherwise go unnoticed in the mainstream.

While Rankd is gradually being developed, we’d love to hear from artists, promotors, venues and labels to know how Rankd can be made into a valuable tool for people like YOU!