Why Advertise On Rankd?

Written by Benjamin Davis

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Place your brand in front of hundreds of Brighton musicians and music lovers with an advert on Rankd.

By marketing with us, you’re reaching a niche audience that is more likely to engage with your brand compared to other channels. Our audience is also more likely to trust your brand.

Rankd is a constantly evolving website with many changes being made weekly. Partnering with us gives you early access to a consistently improving platform with great growth potential.

Who is our audience?

Our audience consists of musicians and music lovers in and around Brighton. An audience that is increasing week-on-week as Rankd grows. This audience is engaged with our platform and on average spend over a minute on the website.

How can you benefit from our audience?

We are at heart an analytics platform, we have data on which artists are being seen and who is seeing them. If you are in the music industry there’s no better place to advertise in Brighton than on Rankd.

The combination of an incredible niche audience and experience creating content for this audience makes us a valuable marketing partner.

Where will ads be seen on Rankd?

Rankd advertisements will be seen on the website’s front page above the artists on our leaderboard. We have no set guidelines on ad size and format but will be available to talk you through your requirements and can be on hand to help design your ad.

Rankd advertising placement mockup


We are in the process of building an advertising dashboard for advertisers to track impressions and clicks on their ads. However, while this is being built we will keep you up-to-date on your ads performance.


Our top artists get click-through rates as high as 11.6%. Having your ad amongst these top-performing artists can get you thousands of impressions and potentially hundreds of clicks through to your website.

Website Traffic

Since launch, we have reached hundreds of engaged users in Brighton and this is increasing by a huge percentage every week. Your ad placement will benefit from our increasing traffic as we charge a one-off amount for ad spots not based on clicks or impressions.

Rankd advertising support

One of Rankd’s founders is a marketing specialist with years of experience advertising for companies ranging from small one-person operations to huge multi-billion £ companies. He will be around to talk to you about your goals, and budget and will be able to suggest and help you with your advertising efforts. If you want to arrange a free 30 minute 1-2-1 marketing session with Benjamin please email hello@rankd.uk